Our Values

Kingfisher Independent Funeral Services was established in St Neots in 2010 as the only independent funeral directing business in the town. In 2014 we expanded into Huntingdon where we are also the only independent funeral directors.

Providing the residents of local communities with a non-pushy, non-corporate and individual funeral is at the heart of our business model, and we are now a well-established business which employs only local people, and uses, where possible, local suppliers.

In return for the faith that our local communities have put in our business, we want to give back to them, and we have done this by setting up a community charity. Local organisations, individuals and charities can apply to us for grants to enable them to carry out projects which are of benefit to the community.

As a business, we guarantee to treat each and every client as an equal individual. We will not show favouritism towards, or discriminate against any person, living or dead. The same applies to our charity. Anyone is entitled to apply for a grant, and every application will be treated in exactly the same way by the trustees.

The criteria we have to use when deciding if we can make a grant are governed by law. For more information about this please see our objectives page.